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Recruitment Services

Recruitment 招生Digital Platforms 网上平台

Recruitment 招生

If you are not only looking for more students from China for your high school, undergraduate or graduate programs, but also want a reliable resource for both your prospective students and your international admissions office, we are what you need.

We believe that transparency and communication are integral parts of the recruitment process, and that by providing bilingual services we ensure that your prospective students are informed and prepared, which lays solid foundations for future student success.

Digital Platforms 电子平台

Connecting prospective Chinese students and US schools takes a thorough understanding of the Chinese education market and the particulars of Internet access in China.

Fact #1: Mandarin-speaking parents of Chinese students are the primary decision makers when it comes to selecting overseas schools for their children.
Outcome #1: Chinese international education market is dominated by agents, who provide students and their Mandarin-speaking families with information that may be difficult to obtain otherwise.

Fact #2: Search Engine Optimization that works in the US does not work in China, because there is no Google in China. The main search engine in China is Baidu, and it gives priority to websites in Chinese, not English.
Outcome #2: Few institutions in the US post their admission requirements in Chinese, which only reinforces the use of agents, who provide that information, or Mandarin-language online platforms that act as intermediaries as well.

Fact #3: Investing into targeted online marketing means higher direct exposure to Chinese students and their families.
Outcome #3: Schools marketing to students from China see pronounced returns on those investments.