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  • not sure if you want your credentials evaluated?
  • not sure what to expect from an evaluation?
  • don’t want to spend money on a complete evaluation only to find out that you are missing necessary documents, or that your education is not credit-worthy?

In such cases, we suggest a Pre-Evaluation

Each Pre-Evaluation Report includes the following:

1) Recognition information for each credential
2) Comments on whether we would recommend US transfer credit (or units) for each credential submitted
3) A $25 discount towards a complete evaluation report! (if you decide to order a complete evaluation report after consulting the results of your pre-evaluation, you will receive a $25 discount on the price of any report type. This discount is transferable and can be given away to a classmate, relative or friend!)


  • 不知道您的资料是否值得认证吗?
  • 不知道学历认证结果会不会有利吗?
  • 不愿意申请认证报告花完钱之后发现资料不全、学历不值美国学分吗?



2) 每份中国学历美国学分承认专业意见(是指我公司是否会建议美国大学承认中国学历上的学分)
3) $25完整学历认证报告费用的折扣!(如您看完预估报告后决定申请任何完整的学历认证报告种类、您就可以享受$25的优惠,而且这个优惠可以转达给同学、亲属或朋友!)