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Course by Course Reports


High School or University/高中或大学层次 $120
High School & University/高中同大学层次 $150

Course by Course Reports include the following information:

  • Academic Institutions Attended, their Recognition/Accreditation
  • Programs Attended, their Recognition (if different from Institution), Major (if applicable), Duration, Admission Requirements

There are 3 types of Course by Course reports:

  • high-school-level
  • university-level@
  • high-school and university-level

@ reports containing both high school and university-level credentials that do not require a course by course analysis or a GPA calculation of the high school credential are also included into this category


  • 就读过/正在就读学校的认可情况
  • 上过的项目及其认可情况(如与母校不同)、专业(如有)、上学期间、入学要求


  • 中学层次
  • 大学层次@
  • 中学和大学层次

@ 同时包括中学和大学两种层次学历的报告如不需要中学层次的课程分析和GPA计算也就算是大学层次报告种类